Advanced feed forward coagulation control for phosphorus removal in wastewater

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Compass Automatic Coagulation Control software from PMA uses the on-line measurements of inlet water turbidity and UV-VIS spectral analysis provided by the s::can Spectro::lyser to optimise phosphorus removal from your wastewater.

The key benefits

The award winning Compass coagulation control system has been adapted for wastewater treatment plants. Compass CPR is designed to optimise coagulant dosing to achieve phosphorus removal without breaching metal compliance discharge consents.


Proactive response to changing loads.


Unaffected independent process control.


Eradicates under-dosing and increases plant performance.


Eradicates overdosing and decreases operating costs.

Compass Coagulation Control System

Compass CPR is a cutting-edge advanced automatic coagulation control system for wastewater treatment. Achieve phosphorus and metal consent compliance.

Integrating instrumentation and software to meet phosphorus discharge consents

Truly advanced

Compass software works in combination with s::can hardware to maximise phosphorus removal without over dosing coagulant.  By working with PMA, the Compass software is developed for your specific site and uses the power of online UV-Vis spectroscopy to monitor the influent and automatically adjust coagulant dosing, whether aluminium or ferric.

Com::pass CPR predicts the dose required to overcome the total coagulant demand of the influent in real time – measuring the organics, the suspended solids and estimating the phosphorus via a surrogate measurement. Only by measuring the total coagulant demand can a real time control system truly optimise coagulant dosing and ensure compliance.

Wastewater coagulation control solution from PMA

Compass CPR

The chemical phosphate removal (CPR) system is designed for P removal in wastewater treatment. It delivers the optimum dose to meet P discharge targets at the lowest coagulant dose.

Compass CEP

The chemically enhanced pre-treatment (CEP) system is intended for pre-treatment in wastewater treatment. It delivers the best dose to meet performance targets at the lowest coagulant dose.

Automatic coagulation control system designed to be fast, responsive save you an annual return on investment of up to 80%.

Com::pass CPR calculates the coagulant demand of all the constituents and adds  this to the  dose required for P removal so that overdosing, compliance breaches, and excessive amounts of lab work can be a thing of the past.

Immediate response to changing conditions

Reductions in chemical dosing lower coagulant costs and results in reductions in sludge disposal costs. A WWTP with a coagulant purchase and sludge disposal cost of £399,000 per year is likely to achieve in excess of 15% saving or £51,000. This gives a one-year payback for the system.

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