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We have been providers of online instrumentation for the water industry, oil and gas industry and industrial applications for over 45 years.


Water Treatment and Analysis

Water analysis instruments from PMA Ltd cover a wide spectrum of fields which ranges from colorimetry, titration and on-line process monitors.  Additional analysers are available for conductivity, dissolved oxygen meters, and ultrasonic analysers. We are known throughout the industry for our proficiency in many different technologies such as Photometry, Colorimetry, ISE, Titrimetric, Fluorimetry, Ultrasonic, Gas Chromatography and more.

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Our water treatment products

Discover our s::can range

The s::can spectrometer probes from PMA Ltd are Intelligent, Optical & Online.

Compass Coagulation Control System

Automatic coagulation control system for water and wastewater treatment.

Long autonomy, low maintenance, low operating cost

Compact Programmable Online Colorimetric 3S Analyser.

Turbidity analysis for drinking water applications

The PTV 1000 high precision low-level turbidity analyser.

Online chemical analysis of wastewater and industrial water

Discover the new and improved version of the Tytronics Sentinel, the Accuseries.

Our mission

At PMA, we explore new ways of thinking and we aim for an enduring legacy, despite the short-term priorities of our world. Our people are talented in a wide range of disciplines, our principles and code of conduct help guide us in the work we do every day.

Energy Industry

With several years’ experience in the Oil & Gas sector, you can rely on PMA to help you meet your evolving demands. While complexity of facilities and procedures are ever increasing, and downtime must be reduced, your competitiveness is improved with reliable, accurate and observable information.  PMA has a wide range of specialised measurement instrumentation to the oil and gas industry so let us help you achieve your goals.

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Our energy industry products

Online oil in water instruments

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments oil in water monitors.

Ultrasonic Sensors for density and concentration measurement

Rhosonics Sensors measure concentrations in liquids and density in slurries.

Automatic Tank Dewatering and Desalter Control

Agar ID200h Series Interface Detectors.

Belfield Decantation Valve

Decant and Recover a Variety of Liquids in Different Specific Gravities.

Innovative Electrically Traced Tubing

Dekoron Pre-Insulated and Heat Traced Tubing.

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Much like our products and services, contacting us is simple and clear. Whether you need a callback or have a highly technical question to ask, our expert staff are always on hand. Our focus has always been to deliver world-class customer service.

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A bit about us

Established in 1971 PMA is a well-recognised provider of online instrumentation for process control and compliance monitoring. With expertise in analytical techniques such as Photometry, Colorimetry, Ion-selective electrodes (ISEs), Titration, Fluorescence, Ultrasonics and more.

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