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Decantation Valve

The easiest, most efficient way to decant and recover a wide variety of liquids possessing specific gravities.

Operates with as little as 5% difference in specific gravities.

Highly Valued
The Belfield valve can be used for practically any decanting operations within the limits of its capacity, pressure and temperature parameters.

The Belfield valve has been acclaimed, the easiest, most efficient way to decant and recover a wide variety of liquids possessing different specific gravities! It is automatic, extremely sensitive, versatile and provides users with a proven method for decanting or separating the heavier of two liquids. It also eliminates the many problems which occur during manual decanting of one phase in a wide range of multiphase systems


The operation of the Valve is based on the simple principle of differential specific gravity.


One phase is discharged through the internal Float Seat. A change of specific gravity automatically closes the valve the Float Valve. The side run off permits discharge of the second phase, together with any deliberately retained interface material.


Test results show the Belfield Decantation Valve is capable of detecting variations in specific gravity of 2% on average, and in favourable circumstances greater accuracies are possible.

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