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The s::can spectro::lyserTM is a fully submersible UV/Vis spectrophotometer which measures light absorbance between 190 and 720 nm.


s::can’s proprietary algorithms analyse and interpret the spectral data to provide measurements for many parameters including, COD, BOD, DOC, TOC dissolved H2S, as well as directly measuring much more such as nitrate, nitrite, colour and UV254. No moving parts and no reagents are used, resulting in extremely low operating costs.


The spectro::lyser™ measures the entire absorption spectrum and is used by many drinking water providers all over the world as a pivotal component in their raw water monitoring.

carbo::lyser™ II / III

The carbo::lyser is ideal for the measurement of the organic carbon load, represented by parameters like SAC, T(D)OC, COD, or BOD, and at the same time, turbidity / solids concentration.

color::lyser II

The color::lyser is a dedicated on-line color monitor. It can accurately measure color, providing both True and Apparent color in Hazen units.

multi::lyser™ II / III

The multi::lyser is a combination of s::can carbo::lyser and nitro::lyser. That means that the s::can multi::lyser is characterised by measuring organic carbon & nitrate for a multitude of pre-defined applications.

nitro::lyser™ II

Applications range from (ultra) pure water in the μg/l range up to industrial waste waters in the g/l range. The nitrate concentration displayed is not sensitive to cross-influences from other substance groups such as organic carbon or total solids.

ozo::lyser II

Measurement of ozone in water is what the ozo::lyser is optimized for. This member of the spectrometer family is optimized to determine concentrations of ozone dissolved in water on-line and in situ.


The sulfi::lyser is ideal for the measurement of TSS & HS & NO3-N and in combination with the con::cube terminal and an additional pH::lyser it can also be used to measure H2S.

uv::lyser II

The uv::lyser monitors turbidity or TSS and up to 4 freely chosen wavelengths between 190 and 390 nm.

i::scan sensors

i::scan – the new miniature multi-parameter spectrophotometer probe will revolutionize online water quality monitoring.

Other sensors


The ion selective multi-parameter ammo::lyser is found to be an entirely reliable device outclassing conventional analysers regarding measurement stability and selectivity.


chlori::lyser™ from pma monitors free chlorine (Cl2 + HOCl + OCl-) or total chlorine (free chlorine + combined chlorine)


The oxi::lyser is an optical multi-parameter probe that measures the concentration of dissolved oxygen and the temperature directly in the water.


The condu::lyser is a maintenance-free and long-term stable probe for online measurement of conductivity, automatically compensated with temperature.


The pH::lyser is a maintenance-free sensor for the real-time measurement of pH and temperature directly in the medium or in a flow-cell.


The oxi::lyser is an optical multi-parameter probe that measures the concentration of dissolved oxygen and the temperature directly in the water.

Truly intelligent

Our s::can range measures a wide range of parameters in numerous applications. From our very solid-state pH-probe to our highly innovative spectral probes, all our products are developed with the same philosophy in mind: s::can measuring instruments are intelligent, robust and require little or no maintenance. They can be seamlessly integrated with other s::can systems but are also compatible with third-party systems.
More than 5000 s::can monitoring systems are in use worldwide for drinking, environmental, waste, and industrial water applications.

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