A true software revolution that changes the face of water quality monitoring, data validation and event detection.

What is the moni::app?

moni::app is an Android app designed for the moni::tool. It provides you with a fast summary of the current system state of your monitoring station and lets you to examine historic data.
Intelligent. Optical. OnLine.

moni::tool is a revolutionary new platform for the management of an almost unlimited number of stations, online probes, analyzers and parameters. Intuitive operation – on site or remote – and reams of valuable features make moni::tool essential for state of the art sensor and station management.

moni::app now brings moni::tool to your Smartphone! Download it today from the Google Play Store.

Why use Monitoring Station Software?

The rising popularity of online sensors means that ever increasing amounts of data are collected. Online results increase the understanding of water quality, but the amount of data can be so enormous that it is impossible to manually verify and interpret the data. Automatic validation and event detection is therefore crucial to exploit the potential of online monitoring.

What is special about the moni::tool?

s::can has developed a modular software package to improve data availability and quality. The concept looks at the whole system: hardware, software and operator. Only this all enveloping approach can guarantee that operational control and / or event detection work reliably. Using raw, unvalidated information for control or event detection will result in a high false alarm rate or in poor sensitivity.

Every s::can con::cube terminal is delivered with the basic moni::tool version for four parameters at no extra cost.

Introducing moni::app

moni::app is an Android app for moni::tool. It gives you a quick overview of the current system state of your monitoring station and allows you to analyze historic data. The app is limited to displaying data, it is not possible to change any settings of moni::tool.

Find out more about the moni::tool

See the range of the range.

The s::can range measures a wide range of parameters in numerous applications. All s::can measuring instruments are developed with the same philosophy in mind: They are intelligent, robust and require little to no maintenance.

Intelligent. Optical. OnLine.

The s::can spectrometer probes from PMA Ltd operate using the same measuring principle: Spectrometry. The spectrometer probes are the first and only instruments in the world that can measure optical spectra from 190 to 720 nm directly in liquid media. The materials contained in the medium deteriorate a light beam emanated by a lamp that transfers through the liquid. After contact, its intensity is measured by a sensor over a variety of wavelengths specific to the application.

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