Online Oil in Water Analysers utilising advanced UV fluorescence technology

Oil in Water Monitors
Whether you need portable or online oil in water(OIW)monitoring, ensure you’re using the best available technology and use the UV fluorescence-based method from Turner Design Hydrocarbon Instruments.
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TD‐4100XD and TD‐120 online Oil in Water Analysers

Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments(TDHI)are world leaders in oil in water measurement. The TD4100XD has been the instrument of choice in the oil and gas industry for many years due to its use of UV fluorescence, it’s non-contact measurement method and it’s ease of use.
The TD-120 is the newest TDHI online instrument, using a contact based measurement method for cleaner applications such as heat exchangers and cooling towers with an updated touchscreen interface.


Designed for applications such as crude/produced oil measurement, wastewater discharge and intake protection. 

Available with a contact based measurement method (TD4100XDC) for cleaner applications.


Designed for applications such as cooling towers, steam condensate and membrane protection.

High accuracy utilising UV LED-based technology.

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Whether measuring oil in water in wastewater discharge, cooling water, steam condensate or for intake protection, UV fluorescence offers low detection limits and high selectivity for a particular hydrocarbon.
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For over 20 years, the advanced UV Fluorescence-based instrumentation from Turner Designs has been the world leader in online oil in water monitoring.

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