Tytronics® Sentinel

Online Chemical Analysis and Monitoring of Potable Water & Wastewater

Accuracy, reliability, and long-term value.

Chemical analysis from PMA Ltd. Multi-stream capability (six maximum) to enable monitoring for the same chemical parameter at different concentration ranges with a single analyser. Our complete online chemical analyser is capable of both process chemical analysis and the monitoring of potable water and wastewater.


The Tytronics® Sentinel is the first on-line analyser capable of both process chemical analysis and the monitoring of potable water and wastewater. Offering an unmatched performance to-price ratio, the Tytronics® Sentinel provides measurement qualities and accuracies simply not seen before. There is built-in reliability, thanks to a simple and patented sample capture system and wide-bore tubing. This is an analyser that can handle difficult and dirty samples.

Featured Article

Alkalinity Monitoring in Wastewater

The Tytronics Sentinel Titrator was designed specifically for wastewater samples; hence it is less prone to blockages, downtime and high maintenance cost than clean water analysers and all without filtration.

Optimised Industrial Processes

Simple menu-driven operation and a modular design make the Tytronics® Sentinel easy to use and maintain. A user with little chemical background can use the analyser with minimal training. Simple step by step instructions are displayed to guide the operator through the procedure to complete a calibration and to set the unit in the automatic analysis mode.

Industry leading chemical analysis

Ideal Industries and Applications

  • Chloro-alkali analysers, brines,  Cyanide, thiocyanate, formaldehyde, copper, silica, chromium 3+, total chromium, urea, hardness, Nickel
  • Polymer production
  • Effluents
Food & Beverage
  • Food-process monitoring, hypochlorite, chlorine
  • Effluents
Municipal Water & Wastewater
  • Drinking / potable water − alkalinity, aluminum, chlorine, colour, copper, fluoride, hardness, iron, manganese, nitrate, nitrites, phosphates, zinc
  • Wastewater – alkalinity, ammonia, cyanide (free), Iron, nitrates, phosphate, zinc
Natural Gas Processing
  • Amine analysis − concentration, sulfide gas loading, total acid gas loading
Oil & Refining / Petrochemical
  • Acidity of hydrocarbon samples
  • Amine analysis − concentration, sulphide gas loading, total acid gas loading
  • Boiler waters
  • Process monitoring
  • Effluents
  • Wastewater – copper, nickel, chromium, cobalt Silver, and other metals
  • Silica, Hydrazine, Phosphate, Chloride, Sulphate, Chlorine in Seawater, Bromine
Pulp & Paper
  • Paper coatings
  • Wastewater
  • Etch – hydrogen bromides, hydrogen chlorides, hydrogen fluorides, hydrogen sulphides
  • Process water – acidity, alkalinity, Silica
  • Wastewater − Acidity, Copper, Sulphides, Fluorides, chlorides, bromides
  • Control plating operation – copper
Steel Manufacturing
  • Plating operation control
  • Effluents



Alkalinity Analysis on a Wastewater Treatment Plants

The concentration of Alkalinity in Sewage samples containing Ammonia/Ammonium is very important for correct Nitrogen removal via Nitrifying bacteria. Alkalinity is consumed in the conversion of Ammonia/Ammonium to Nitrate during the nitrification stage of treatment.

Because most waste waters contain eco harmful Phosphates it is common also to remove phosphorus by use of Ferric or Alum salts. These solutions are highly acidic and hence can strip the natural Alkalinity from the waste samples. To combat this, most plants that dose P removal chemicals will also dose Caustic or Lime to balance the pH value of the sample, and restore some of the lost Alkalinity prior to Ammonia removal.

How is Alkalinity measured?

Alkalinity (Total) in water is the sum of its Hydroxide/Carbonate/Bi-carbonate ion content. The classical detection method involves Titrating to pH 4.3 a known volume of the sample with dilute acid of a given strength, until all of the Alkalinity species in the sample have been neutralised. This detection method is generally unaffected by solids in the samples.

Measurements on line?

Find out more about how the Tytronics Sentinel Process Titration can help you.

The SENTINEL is also available to measure IRON or PHOSPHATE in the same samples.

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One of the keys to Galvanic Applied Science’s leadership in on-line analysis, is our commitment to consistent and accurate methodology — colorimetry, ISE, colorimetric or potentiometric titrations. Galvanic’s Sentinel™ analysers are easy to operate and maintain, even by novice users. With our expert support team to assist you with custom-configuration and training, you can be assured that your measurements of acids, ammonia, bases, metals, nitrate, phosphate, etc., are always precise … and cost-effective.

Whether you are currently analyzing or monitoring liquids, or looking to do so, the Tytronics® Sentinel is your first choice in on-line analysis or monitoring.

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