Monitoring the efficacy of UV disinfection with i::scan

Compact, precise, robust and very affordable. Introducing i::scan, the low-cost multi-parameter probe with smart technology for monitoring ultraviolet disinfection systems.

Using smart technology to ensure optimisation of UV disinfection systems.

Not just cost sensitive Ultraviolet – Transmissivity monitoring but also offering DOC, TOC, Turbidity, UV254 and Colour, the i::Scan enables effective raw water characterization in everything from small unmanned plants to large distribution networks, all on one sensor. The new i::scan combines the high performance of a multi-wavelength LED based spectrophotometer with competitive pricing.

i::scan available for..


Benefits of the i::scan..

No Moving Parts
Low Cost
No Reagents
Small Footprint
LED Technology

The removal of unwanted substances is an important goal for drinking water treatment. The i::scan_turbidity can be used by potable water utilities in a myriad of applications and locations, either at treatment works, or out within pressurised water main networks. Turbidity / Colour / Organics / UVT are also key parameters for raw and process water monitoring including disinfection.  The natural waters used as the source for drinking water production, as well as waters used for other purposes such as energy production or cooling can now be monitored deep within catchment areas such that source water selection and/or blending can be achieved. Only i::scan is capable of crossing so many boundaries into so many applications. 

Download datasheets

35mm i::scan datasheet

5mm i::scan datasheet

moni::app now brings moni::tool to your phone! Available now from the Google Play Store.

moni::app is an Android app for moni::tool (a water quality monitoring software of s::can). It especially designed to get a quick overview of the current system state as well as to analyze historic data.

The full range online

Whether it is a simple pH sensor or a complex spectral probe, s::can measuring instruments are intelligent and compatible with each other in s::can systems and with various third-party systems.

Spectrometer probes

Monitoring Stations

Ultraviolet purification and sterilisation of water


Ultraviolet purification and sterilisation of water


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