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Amazon Echo, always ready, connected, and fast

Your smart home starts now

Amazon Echo is a revolutionary new device designed around your voice. It’s always ready, hands-free, and fast. Just ask Alexa and get answers instantly.

Echo connects to Alexa, a cloud-based voice service, to provide information, turn on your lights, play music, read the news, check sports scores or the weather, and more—instantly. All you have to do is ask.

What the industry says about the echo.

Here’s what reviewers in the US are saying about Echo and Alexa:

“The Echo is one of the most compelling cases I’ve ever seen for the power of voice control, of talking to our gadgets the way we talk to each other.”

“The Echo is Amazon’s latest futuristic gadget experiment. It’s one part Bluetooth speaker and one part personal voice assistant. And it blew my mind.”

“I’m convinced that Echo is just a taste of ~the future~ that science fiction promised us…THIS IS THE DAMN FUTURE, PEOPLE.”

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Voice Recognition with Beam Forming Technology

Echo uses on-device software to detect the wake word, “Alexa.” When it detects the wake word, Echo’s light ring turns blue and begins streaming the request to the cloud. Once there, Alexa uses the power of Amazon Web Services to quickly process the request. The cloud uses a sophisticated neural network-based speech recognition system to recognise and respond to you from a distance.

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