The new non-nuclear density measurement solution for power plants

Today’s modern power plant requires ever increasing efficiency in its processes and the measurement of density is crucial in optimising both the FGD (Flue Gas Desulphurisation) and the PFA or fly ash waste processes. A non-nuclear density measurement approach is the latest technology for power plants.

Hybrid Ultrasonic Sensors

Traditionally, density measurement in both processes has been carried out using nucleonic devices. But with a strong desire by power plants to move away from online density monitors using gamma radiation sources for both safety and cost reasons, ultrasonic density measurement systems are replacing them all over the globe.

5 reasons to go non-nuclear:

  1. Longer lifetime of ultrasonic approach, especially with the decreasing lifetime of nuclear devices due to the increasing limits controlling the activity of the gamma source
  2. No radioactive sources to dispose of at the end of their life
  3. No security issues unlike those associated with keeping radioactive sources on site
  4. Decreased cost of a non nuclear approach in terms of paperwork, trained nuclear operators and the cost associated with medical checks for operators exposed to nuclear devices
  5. Linear calibration and ease of maintenance for operators


With the new Rhosonics SDM meter, nuclear approaches to monitoring density are no longer necessary. Designed and built to handle abrasive slurries, with communication functionality built in to enable automation of the process of transporting of pulverised fly ash waste material, the new SDM is revolutionising the density instrumentation monitoring application.

Slurry Density Meter (SDM)

This SDM which is new to our product line and is highly suitable for density analysis in many kinds of slurries. This product differentiates itself with its unique sustainable technology and its particular design for dredging and mineral processing applications.

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