Non-atomic ultrasonic slurry density analysers and monitors.

Non Nuclear Ultrasonic Slurry Density Monitors.

Density monitors from PMA comprise of non-atomic and unique hybrid ultrasonic slurry density sensor technology, the 9600 inline slurry analysers can measure key process variables, such as suspended solids, dissolved solids, or density or even all 4 at the same time. In addition to this, all of our 9600 analysers use full-bore, flow-through technology. These wafer-type sensors are easy to install.


9600 Ultrasonic Slurry Analyser

Due to its wafer-style sensors which are very easy to install. The intrusion of sensors is undesirable in slurries due to their high solids content; our sensors do not have to be mounted intrusively. A second major advantage is that this slurry analyser doesn’t use a nuclear source, unlike many slurry thickness measurement devices. This makes 9600 series the leading choice when it comes to measuring TSS, TDS, or density of slurries in a wide range of applications, such as mining slurries, cement and drilling mud.

The 9680 from PMA is used to measure concentration, TSS (Total Suspended Solids), or TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). It has one sensor each to measure the speed of sound, temperature, attenuation, and audio resistance. A single PEEK sensor measures these parameters to precisely and evaluates the TSS, TDS, and concentration. Different kinds of PEEK sensors can be installed in model 9680. PMA provides very robust sensors for measuring solids in tanks. We also provide sensors to make in-line measurement of slurries possible if concentrations in slurries are deemed critical. Brine and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) are well known applications for which this model can be used.

The leading choice when it comes to measuring TSS, TDS, or density of slurries in a wide range of applications.

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